Before Jesus returns, there are many events the Bible tells us will happen. Here are just a few.
-Those who trust in Jesus as Savior will be raptured.
-The anti-Christ will rise up from a ten-headed coalition and rule the world.
-The Jewish people will rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.
-The anti-Christ will enter that temple, proclaim himself to be God, and demand worship.

The pieces are falling into place. Are you ready? Have you trusted in Jesus, the only one who can shelter you when history comes to its hellish conclusion?

Come to Jesus today. Believe that only He is Savior. Only Jesus is perfect and good. Only Jesus is fully God and fully human. Only Jesus is qualified to bridge the chasm between humans and God. It is only by belief in Jesus that humans can live eternally with our good and perfect God.

Believe today. Believe now. Receive eternal life. Receive shelter with God. Receive the Holy Spirit. You have nothing but blessings to gain.

#ComeToJesus #OnlyJesusSaves #JesusDiedForYou #Believe