The Lord most frequently speaks to me through the Bible, but when I fail to understand His word, or when I need warning of something specific, he uses other means, such as urgings of the Spirit, dreams, and visions. I receive these kinds of messages infrequently, but starting in 2019, these messages have been more pressing, and I have been feeling the need to share them publicly. I am not a prophet. I study prophecy, but I have never done any miracles. I am at the Lord’s service should he ever decide to use me in that way.

The messages God has given to me beginning in 2019 have proven to be both helpful in my life and applicable to what’s happening in the world. These messages are sometimes strictly personal and don’t always have something to do with the events of that year. In some cases, the message is a warning to make preparations for something still future. You’ll see what I mean.

2019 (Summer)
-Grow food.
-Judgment is Coming.

My Response: Our family planned out a food forest, and by Fall of 2019, we’d planted the forest and started raising chickens for eggs. I also posted a warning video on YouTube. I haven’t included a link to that video here because my end-time theology was foggy at the time. The Lord had much to teach me, and I am learning still.

-Satan is inside the church. (Beware of false teachings.)
-The Gentile Age is ending.

My Response: I posted a YouTube video warning believers about false teachings and encouraging them to armor up by seriously studying the Bible. Interesting fact, both messages came to me in in a single night, in a single (extremely vivid) dream. When I woke up, I was petrified and the shadows in my room were moving. I wanted to write down my dream, because I never remember my dreams, but I was so disturbed by the shadows that I couldn’t get out of bed. I asked God to preserve this dream in my memory if it was from him.

After fifteen minutes, I calmed down. The shadows (which I think were demons trying to distract me from remembering the dream) had stopped moving. I got out of bed, and wrote down every detail of the dream. This report came out to be 4 single-spaced pages of typed notes. The Lord preserved the dream. I have not shared the details of the dream to date, only the meaning and the messages as revealed by the Holy Spirit.

Another interesting fact is that at the time I received this dream, I was studying the pharisaic Hebrew calendar, which said the Gregorian year 2020 was 5780. That would mean the end of the Age would not be for about 220 years (in the year 6000 on the Hebrew calendar). I did not understand why God would tell me the Gentile Age was ending, with 220 years to go, but I posted the video with the message the Holy Spirit had revealed: The Gentile Age is ending.

Shortly after I posted the video, God led me to the work of Ken Johnson, a Dead Sea Scroll scholar, who teaches a solar version of the Jewish calendar, as opposed to a lunar version. According to Johnson’s research, 2020 is actually the Hebrew year 5945. This would mean the year 6000 was actually only 55 years away from when God sent the dream to me. Moreover, the last jubilee (a 50-year-period of time) of our current age begins in 2025, or 5950 on the DSS calendar. If Ken Johnson’s work is accurate, then our current Age of history, the Gentile Age, will begin to end in 2025.

-Move. Get out of the city.

My response: Our family moved into our country home on Fourth of July weekend. Happy Freedom Day!

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