Between the hours of 4:00-6:00 this morning (4/7/2022), I had a dream about the rapture. In my dream, I was standing in a field of short grass. In the midst of the grass was a tall, weedy plant with small black seeds on it. I pulled off a handful of the seeds, which looked like poppy seeds, and brought them to a tiny garden plot in the corner of the field.

The plot was enclosed by a chain-link fence on one side and by some type of shed on the other. The soil in the plot was dark but hard, and it already had weeds and small leggy bushes growing in it. An older woman from church was with me. I don’t know her exact identity. I just know that I knew her from church.

As I was planting the seeds, I heard a trumpet. It was loud, but not as blasting as I’d thought the rapture trumpet (the last trumpet) would be. The sound was almost melodious. I knew it was the rapture, so I ran out to the parking lot and looked up at the sky. The lady came with me. The parking lot and surroundings looked just like the middle school I’d attended.

I looked up at the sky. It was covered in gray clouds, but through the clouds, I saw a spot of white light. The longer I gazed at the spot, the more it looked like a bright oval with light radiating out from it. I yelled, “It’s Jesus!” The lady with me said nothing. I asked her if she heard the trumpet. Before she could answer, I woke up.

Jesus is coming soon! Don’t miss Him. Climb aboard the rapture ark today. All you have to do is believe. It’s that simple. Just settle it in your heart at this moment to believe that Jesus came to earth, died for your sins on the cross, and was raised to life three days later. Jesus is the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the Messiah. Believe and be saved!