I oftentimes talk to people who believe that simply being kind is all they need to be in the right with God. Some of these people will, in the same conversation, put down Christians or Christianity in some way. A few of them will even accuse me, a Christian, of being unkind, for explaining to them that they can receive eternal life with God by believing that Jesus died on the cross for them. If you believe in being kind to all humans, then please make sure you’re including Christians in “all.”

To be clear, telling a person about Jesus is the greatest act of love one human can do for another. Kindness is what motivates Christians to go and share the Good News with others. Sure, false teachers have selfish motives for sharing the Gospel. But true, born-again Christians are acting in kindness when sharing Jesus.

Also, please understand that being kind doesn’t make you right with God. Yes, God wants all humans to be kind to each other. That goes without saying. But God wouldn’t have sent His Son, Jesus, down from heaven if kindness was all a human needed to get right with Him.

If you want to be right with God, you must be perfect, as He is perfect. A perfect God can’t be in the presence of sin. You can be the kindest person on the planet, but if you have sinned even once, you’re unfit to be with God. You must be cleansed of your sin if you want to have peace with God. And there’s only one way to be cleansed of sin—Jesus.

God loves you so much, and He wants to be with you so badly, that He sent His Son, Jesus, to Earth to die for your sins on the cross. Jesus was perfect, yet He took our sins. He bore our pain. He suffered Hell on the cross so that whoever believes in Him doesn’t have to suffer Hell for eternity. God raised Jesus to life three days later.

When you trust that Jesus is your Savior, God gives you a new heart. You’re born again on the inside, and the Holy Spirit seals you for the day of resurrection, the day on which you will receive a new and immortal body. You’re a new creation in Christ, inside out—body and soul.

As a new creation, you get to live with God for eternity. God is perfect and immortal, and He loves you so much that He made a way for you to become perfect and immortal too. Jesus is the Way. Jesus is the only Way! Trust in Jesus today! That’s all you have to do. Believe that Jesus alone saves you from your sins.

I Believe Jesus is Savior. Now what?

Turn away from all sin, the empty pleasures of this life, false religions, and self-made beliefs. Stop trusting in the systems of this world for your security and happiness. Trust God alone.

Talk to God continually in prayer.

Read the Bible daily.

Worship God with other believers.

Try joining a local church, and ask about baptism. Go and tell others about Jesus.

Wait eagerly for Jesus’ appearing, at which time all who are in Christ will receive resurrected bodies.