TICKET TO HEAVEN – For Kids and All Ages

I created the TICKET TO HEAVEN for children, but it can work well for all ages and can be found in the CHILDREN’S Section.




One 5X7 postcard per page

This 5X7 postcard gospel track can be printed on cardstock, or you can copy the text and use it to design your own postcard through a printing service, such as Vista Print. I always carry these tracts on me, and I hand them out everywhere I go. I have found that packing the postcards into Gospel Goodie bags is most effective.

I use cello party favor bags for these goodie bags. I’ve also used cellophane to pack them. The 5X7 postcard won’t fit inside a sandwich-sized bag and barely fits inside a Quart-sized bag.

I add my email address and web address to the track tracts so people can reach out if they have questions about Jesus. In that sense, the gospel track can replace a business card.

I also use the 5X7 gospel message to make Gospel postcards that advertise my Church. For those, I put a picture of the church on the front of the postcard, along with meeting times.

At Christmas, I like to tape a candy cane to the tracts and hand them out as gifts. You could tape a lollipop or some other candy to it during other seasons of the year.

I make my Gospel postcards through Vista Print. Here’s what they look like:


QR CODES ONLY – Online Bible, Gospel Movie, The Chosen

6 items per page

Codes link to an online Bible, The Gospel of John Movie, and The iBible Animated Series. The iBible is in progress, but the episodes so far give a great visual depiction of the Bible. You can use these QR codes as an addition to your tract or flyer if you can’t fit the codes directly on your tract. You can also include codes in a Gospel Goodie bag.

Word and PDF:


Full-Page Gospel Flyer

1 page

A full-page gospel explanation. Good for Brochure boxes, handing out as flyers, or teaching the Gospel in the group setting. Feel free to edit or add a backside with your favorite Gospel verses, illustrations, QR codes, or anything else that will help you get the message across. Get Creative!