BE MINE FOREVER – For Valentine’s and All Year Round 

2 tracts per double-sided page

Can be used year-round, especially good for Valentine’s Day.

PDF and Word

Our evangelism team handed these out with candy at a nearby campus. They were a hit with the students, many of whom were amazed that someone took the time to think about them on Valentine’s Day. You can hand them out around town to anyone during Valentine’s. I use tracts and candy to show extra appreciation for cashiers, servers, and such.

Feel free to modify as you see fit. I suggest adding QR codes and information about your church or group. I would print these in color on white cardstock, or you can have them printed as postcards that you would then fold in half. You could tape a piece of candy to the card cover or include the card as part of a Valentine’s goodie bag. Use these cards year-round, especially good for Valentine’s Day.

14 Truths About Love

PDF only

For youth, young adults, and anyone who wants the truth about Biblical Love

This is a handout, not a tract. You can use it to teach young people, or as a refresher for all Christians, about God’s standards for our romantic relationships. Consider using the handout for a Valentine’s Day Youth Group or college meeting. I suggest printing it on cardstock (100-lb if possible) and encouraging class attendees to keep it with them for life. God’s truths never expire. We never age out of following His ways. The rules that applied to the Apostles and Grandma apply to us.