The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Believe This Moment and Be Made New. All Sins Forgiven. Eternal Life With God!

15 Truths About Love. A Valentine’s Message for Young People and All Who Want to Know God’s Ways for Romantic Relationships.


Test Every Miracle Worker.

When You Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, You’re Not Sharing Your Personal Beliefs, You’re Speaking the Absolute Truths of God.

If God Can Create the World in 7 Days, He Can Re-Create Your Body in the Blink of an Eye. Believe and Receive Eternal Life in Jesus.

How to Evangelize This Halloween and Any Time. The Whole Calendar Belongs to Jesus!

The current Jewish Calendar year is 5947, not 5783. There are only 53 years until 6000. Jesus is coming soon!

Unbelief Is the Root of All Our Problems and Sin. Believe in Jesus. Receive Peace with God and Eternal Life Today!

There’s No Need to Fear Death When You Belong to the One Who Conquered It and Holds the Keys. Belong to Jesus Today. Believe!

Do You Want to See the Power of God? Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus. Watch as God Saves People.

Unbelief is the Root of All Our Problems and Sins. Turn Away from Unbelief and Believe in Jesus Today! Receive Peace With God, a Clean Soul, the Holy Spirit, and the Promise of a New Body When Jesus Returns to Resurrect Those Who Believe.

Every Belief Has a Root and a Fruit. Where Do Your Beliefs Come From? How Do Those Beliefs Affect Your Life? Are You Trapped or Unhappy? Find Freedom in Jesus Today.

Ideas for Passive Evangelism. Advertise for Jesus Using Tracts, Apparel, Signs, Videos, and More.

If You Believe in Being Kind Towards All, Please Be Kind to Christians Too. Also, Being Kind Can’t Cleanse Your Soul of Sin. Only Jesus Can Give You a Clean Soul.

You Won’t Be Able to Look at Jesus Until He Gives You New Eyes.

What the Rapture Will Be Like

God Considers It a Crime Against All Humans to Hinder the Spread of the Gospel.

Coming Soon…Our New Bodies in Jesus!

Not Liking Christians is No Excuse for Unbelief in Jesus.

Being Offended by Sin and Hell Is No Excuse for Unbelief.

If You Want to Grow in Faith, You Must Go in Faith.

No Credible Translation of the Bible Has Ever Gotten the Gospel Message Wrong.

Jesus Died for His Enemies, Not His Friends.

Let’s Talk About Hell.

How to Evangelize Right Now. Don’t Wait for the Harvest!

You Have All the Evangelism Training You Need. Go and Tell! No Excuses Before God.

Study Prophecy Yourself. No Excuses Before God. Time Is Running Out!

What Made America Great in the First Place?

The Greatest Love You Can Give

Claim Your New Body Today!

Who Will You Offend?

Receive the Revelation Blessing!

A True Christian Extremest Dies to Himself so That Others Might Live.

Praying for India

The Altar of Joshua Has Been Discovered in Israel!

The Church Did Not Replace Israel.

Jesus Died on Purpose.