There are a number of websites, search engines, and YouTube channels available to help you find land, and set up your homestead. The following sections contain short lists of some of my favorite online resources. Many of these content creators have also written books, which are good to have on hand in the event that you ever lose internet or choose to go completely off-grid. I’m sure you’ll find many more helpful sites as you go forward with your land search.      

The One Book You Need for Survival or Homesteading

The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Search Engines for Rural Real Estate and Land


Land and Farm

Lands of America


Land Lease Exchange         





Facebook Marketplace        

Rural Vacant Land

Compass Land USA
Provides links to other land search sites.



HUNT app from onXmaps

Google Earth

County Public Records and GIS Maps     
Websites will vary from county to county. Some counties may not post all the information you need on their websites. You might have to make a good old-fashioned phone call or two.

Homesteader Resources for Finding Land

Homesteading Family 

Better Together Life

Red Tool House – Homestead

Mountain Roots       

Becky’s Homestead

General Homesteading Resources

Off-Grid With Doug and Stacy

Homesteading Family         
Links given in the previous section.  

Edible Acres

Justin Rhodes

Joel Salatin

Melissa K. Norris – Modern Homesteading

Amy Fewell – The Fewell Homestead

Rain Country

Weed ‘em & Reap

The Survival Gardening Channel with David the Good

Sow the Land

The Fit Farmer – Mike Dickson

You Can’t Eat the Grass

Jill Winger – Old Fashioned on Purpose

Mike Reed Outdoors

Exploring Alternatives

Living Traditions Homestead

Perma Pasture Farms

Guildbrook Farm

Old Alabama Gardener

Fouch Family Off Grid

An American Homestead

Farmhouse Teas

Nourishing Days

Plant Abundance

Steve Solomon’s goodreads Page

John Jeavons

Geoff Lawton

Renewed Homestead

Greg Judy Regenerative Rancher

Deep South Homestead