Gospel Easter Egg Stuffers/Goodie Bag Stuffers (6 per page)
Price: FREE

Evangelize at your Easter egg hunt by stuffing eggs with this mini gospel message. FREE Download includes a single page with 6 mini gospel messages. Simply download, print as many as you need, cut, fold, and stuff inside Easter eggs along with your candy. You can fold each message in such a way that the name JESUS is the first thing the child sees when she opens her egg. Feel free to share this printout with your church or Christian group. Even an Easter egg hunt can be an opportunity to share Jesus.

These stuffers fit neatly into any type of goodie bag and are great for sharing the gospel on any occasion. I personally love to give them away at Halloween. It’s a way to leverage a Satanic holiday for the Gospel of Jesus.


Postcard Gospel Track (5X7 – Text Only)
Price: FREE

This 5X7 postcard gospel track can be printed on cardstock, or you can copy the text and use it to design your own postcard through a printing service. I always carry tracks on me, and I hand them out everywhere I go. The postcard is also a good size for giving out along with tips.

I add my email address and web address to the track tracks so people can reach out if they have questions about Jesus. In that sense, the gospel track can replace a business card. Plus, you get the added blessing of doing God’s business.

At Christmas, I like to tape a candy cane to the tracks and hand them out as gifts. You could tape a lollipop or some other candy to it during other seasons of the year if you’d like.

I also keep mini Gospels of John in my purse and car, to give to those who do not own a Bible. I place the postcard inside of those as a bookmark.

You can also turn the postcard text into a gospel flyer for easier reading. I like to put flyers inside a flyer box in my front yard.



by Alicia Tubbs

My book FIND LAND NOW: A QUICK GUIDE FOR HOMESTEADERS is now for sale. Praise be to God! If you’ve ever dreamed about finding land for growing your own food and raising animals, this book is for you.

In 2021, our family successfully made the move from the city to the country so we could set up a homestead. I’ve compiled our most useful experiences and information inside these pages for others who want to do the same.

Even if you’re unsure about homesteading, this book will help you to see the kinds of decisions you’ll encounter should you pursue greener pastures.

Main topics covered:
-Methods for locating land
-Financing and finding cheap land
-Number of acres and shelters to consider
-Desirable property features and pitfalls to avoid
-Finding land in the city if you stay put
-Securing eternal survival in Jesus Messiah