FREE Tracts Created by Me


Ticket to Heaven for Kids and All Ages (10 tickets per double-sided page)

PDF only

Inspired by the Spanish Ticket to Heaven by Terry S. Torok. Can be used for children and all ages. Simple Gospel presentation in the form of a ticket. Easy to carry and distribute. Cost-effective. Can be printed on cardstock or colored paper and laminated. Formatting by my husband, Jonathan Tubbs.


Valentine’s Tract – BE MINE FOREVER (2 tracts per double-sided page)

PDF and Word

Feel free to modify as you see fit. I suggest adding QR codes and information about your church or group. I would print these in color on white cardstock, or you can have them printed as postcards that you would then fold in half. You could tape a piece of candy to the card cover or include the card as part of a Valentine’s goodie bag. Use these cards year-round, especially good for Valentine’s Day.


Salvation Bracelet/Gospel Colors (2 tracts per double-sided page, available as Word doc and PDF)

You can order salvation bracelet tracts online or you can use mine for free. Print the pages double-sided and in color for best results. You will get two double-sided tracts per page. The front of the tract explains the salvation colors, and on the back is a prayer of praise for salvation. and I hand out the bracelets like hotcakes to children of all ages. Even college students like them. You can modify the tract for smaller children.

For the bracelets, I have found that Dollar Tree elastic (sold in 10-meter rolls) and plain old pony beads work best. I have even used large elastic hair ties in a pinch. I cut 7 1/2 inches of elastic, string the beads, and tie a single knot to close my bracelets. This makes a 7-inch, one-size-fits-most (children) bracelet. For young adults and adults, I cut 8 inches to start. I use gender-neutral or masculine colors for the elastic, which makes distribution in general populations easier. One roll makes about 50 bracelets.

I pack each bracelet and a folded tract into a Ziploc snack bag for easy handling. I also wear some bracelets myself and have used them to share the gospel. I can easily take one off and give it away.

I suggest adding information about children’s, youth, and/or young adult programs if your church or Christian group offers those. I also like to include QR Codes for age-appropriate online Gospel presentations.

If you don’t want to make bracelets, but still want a way to explain the Gospel with colors, then you can change the title of the tract to something like “The Gospel Colors” and use the tract by itself.


Basic Gospel Tract for Youth / College / Young Adult / Goodie Bag Stuffer (2 per double-sided page, includes QR Codes for an online Bible, The Gospel of John Movie, and The Chosen TV Series)

Available in Word Doc and PDF

These tracts are for the teenage and college crowd. You can use them for adults too. For campus evangelism goodie bags, I put a tract inside a sandwich bag with candy. You can include ramen noodles or some other treat or gift in your bags. You or your Christian group can hand out the bags on or near college campuses at the start of the semester and during exam time.

I suggest adding your church or group information to the tract, especially if your church has a young adult fellowship. The QR codes are a great way to give recipients easy access to a free online Bible, a free Gospel of John movie, and free access to the Chosen TV series. You can switch out the QR codes for different ones if you so desire. You can also include a QR that opens directly to an email that students can send to you if they would like to contact your church or group or to request a free print Bible if you would like to provide those.


QR Codes Only (6 items per page, Codes link to an online Bible, The Gospel of John Movie, and The Chosen TV Series)

If you Would like the college tract QR Codes only, Here they are in Word and PDF:


14 Truths About Love (for youth, young adults, and anyone who wants the truth about Biblical Love)

PDF only

This is a handout, not a tract. You can use it to teach young people or as a refresher for all Christians about God’s standards for our romantic relationships. Consider using the handout for a Valentine’s Day Youth Group meeting. I suggest printing it on cardstock (100 lbs if possible) and encouraging class attendees to keep it with them for life. God’s truths never expire. We never age out of following His ways.


Gospel Easter Egg Stuffers/Goodie Bag Stuffers (6 per page)

Evangelize at your Easter egg hunt by stuffing eggs with this mini gospel message. FREE Download includes a single page with 6 mini gospel messages. Simply download, print as many as you need, cut, fold, and stuff inside Easter eggs along with your candy. You can fold each message in such a way that the name JESUS is the first thing the child sees when she opens her egg. Feel free to share this printout with your church or Christian group. Even an Easter egg hunt can be an opportunity to share Jesus.

These stuffers fit neatly into any type of goodie bag and are great for sharing the gospel on any occasion. I personally love to give them away at Halloween. It’s a way to leverage a Satanic holiday for the Gospel of Jesus.


Postcard Gospel Track (5X7 – Text Only)

This 5X7 postcard gospel track can be printed on cardstock, or you can copy the text and use it to design your own postcard through a printing service. I always carry tracks on me, and I hand them out everywhere I go. The postcard is also a good size for giving out along with tips.

I add my email address and web address to the track tracks so people can reach out if they have questions about Jesus. In that sense, the gospel track can replace a business card. Plus, you get the added blessing of doing God’s business.

At Christmas, I like to tape a candy cane to the tracks and hand them out as gifts. You could tape a lollipop or some other candy to it during other seasons of the year if you’d like.

I also keep mini Gospels of John in my purse and car, to give to those who do not own a Bible. I place the postcard inside of those as a bookmark.

You can also turn the postcard text into a gospel flyer for easier reading. I like to put flyers inside a flyer box in my front yard.


Full-Page Gospel Flyer (1 Page)

A full-page gospel explanation. Good for Brochure boxes, handing out as flyers, or teaching the Gospel in the group setting. Feel free to edit and add a backside with your favorite Gospel verses, illustrations, QR codes, or anything else that will help you get the message across. Get Creative!

Word Doc and PDF


FREE Tracts from Others


Spanish – Ticket to Heaven (9 per page)

This pocket-sized tract clearly gets the point across. It’s either Heaven or Hell, and Jesus is the ticket to heaven. On the back is the sinner’s prayer. You can print the tickets on cardstock or colored paper and laminate them. They’re small enough to fit in your bag or pocket. I carry them everywhere and hand them out and leave them with tips whenever appropriate.


Romans Road – Spanish and English

Click to access Romans-Road-in-Spanish-complete-version.pdf


Candy Cane Poem (8 per page)

A sweet little poem about Jesus that you can attach to a candy cane. I hand these out to children and everyone I meet around Christmas time. You can have your church or Christian group make a bunch of candy canes for giving out to those outside the church at Christmas. The poem doesn’t present the full Gospel, but it can help to initiate Gospel conversations.


Gospel Tract Information for Jewish People

This website from The Chosen People lays out the Gospel message using Old Testament Scriptures. You can use the information to create your own Gospel Tract for Jewish populations.


Good and Evil Comic Bible (many languages to choose from)


FREE QR Code Generator

Add your own QR codes to your tracts. Codes can link to websites, social media, email addresses, and any other content you would like others to be able to access easily.


Bibles in Bulk (website)

Bibles in Bulk has a large selection at a fair price. I only buy large or larger print books because any other print is usually unreadable. Below are my favorites:

Gospel of John (ESV)

Spanish Gospel of John

New Testament (Large Print NIV)


Suicide Hotline Cards

Suicide Hotline Website