Favorite Resources for Studying the Bible

There are many good Bible study tools on the internet. These are just a few to get you started.

Free online Bible in multiple translations. The audio Bible feature lets you listen to the Bible anywhere.

Blue Letter Bible
A great tool for studying the Bible, comparing different translations, doing an in-depth word study, and more.

A downloadable study tool that lets you locate Bible passages, commentaries, and dictionary entries.

Bible Hub
All kinds of searchable Bible tools.

Easy to understand Bible commentary.

Free Bible study software. Upgrades are available for purchase.

Favorite Bible Teachers, Lecture Series, and Studies

Understanding God’s word does not come naturally to our human minds. Sometimes we need guidance, as did the Ethiopian eunuch who asked Philip the Evangelist to explain the scroll of Isaiah to him (Acts 8:31-32).

The best teacher and guide we have is the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit has also gifted some believers with the skill of teaching God’s word and explaining to others how to study it for themselves. I’ve listed a few of my favorite Bible teachers below. All the people on this list are human, and thereby, subject to human error. I don’t agree with everything they teach, but I have benefited enough from these teachers to create this list. Always check any teachings you hear against the Bible, and ask God to reveal the truth to you.

Dr. Andy Woods
Free lectures on Sugarland Bible Church website and YouTube.

Dr. Ken Johnson
Free studies and live videos about the Bible and extrabiblical Dead Sea Scrolls available on his Bible Facts website and YouTube. Dr. Johnson’s books are very interesting and affordable for the quality of research.

Verse-by-Verse Ministry International
Verse-by-verse Bible studies from the late Steven Armstrong and others on the website and YouTube.

Michael Pearl
Pearl posts instructional Bible teachings available on his YouTube channel. He has also written many books, and you can support many evangelistic ministries through his website.

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Fruchtenbaum has made many books and resources from a Messianic Jewish perspective available at, Ariel.org. Several churches have posted free lectures from him on their YouTube channels. A collection of free lecture series can be found here.

Pastor Tim Henderson
Pastor Tim shares End Times news, passionate gospel presentations, and sermons on various websites and YouTube.

Scripture Memorization and Bible Teachings for Kids and Adults

One of the best ways to commit Bible verses to memory is through songs. I use the following resources to teach scripture to my children, and I end up learning lots too.

My Father’s World
A wonderful Christian homeschool curriculum. MFW teaches children academics while grounding them in God’s truths. Website here.

Seed Family Worship
Media and memory verse songs are available on their Seeds Family Worship website and YouTube channel.

Bible Mom
YouTube videos that teach simple object lessons and Bible memorization. It’s like having a Sunday School teacher in your home.

The Torchlighters – Heroes of the Faith

Short movies about persecuted Christians throughout history. Available on The Torhclighters website and YouTube.

Vision Video
The Vision Video website and YouTube channel host educational and entertaining Christian videos for kids and adults. Our family can’t get enough of Pilgrim’s Progress.

All kinds of Bible resources for kids. Our favorite is the Superbook TV show, full episodes available on the Superbook website and YouTube.