Evil is rampant today. The world seems to be overcome by war, horrific shootings, natural disasters, and plagues. Believe it or not, things are not nearly as bad as they could be. It’s hard to imagine, I know, but God tells us in His Word, the Bible, that times are going to get much worse (Matthew 24:21). And God is never wrong.

Right now, the world still has something going for it—Christians, as in, people who believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Savoir, the Messiah. As I type these words, the Holy Spirit is leading Christians everywhere to pray against the evil forces currently plaguing Earth. Jesus, our High Priest in Heaven, hears our prayers, brings them before the Father, and God restrains evil from its fullest expression. Yes, evil events still occur, but not nearly to the degree to which Satan would like. The fact that there are any humans left on the earth is a result of the restraining work of God.

I know, you’re wondering why God permits evil and suffering in the first place. If the topic of evil interests you, please research it for yourself. It’s been covered many times over by almost every Biblical scholar I can call to mind. There’s a reason for evil, and there’s the hope that evil will not always be. One day, God will cleanse the earth of evil.

Back to the topic of the restraining of evil. Right now, as you’re reading this article, God is restraining something truly evil from happening to Earth. He’s holding back the Anti-Christ from rising to power and dominating the world. Just imagine if Hitler had succeeded in taking over the planet. That would have been super bad. Pure evil would have dominated the world. 

The world might be safe from Hitler for now, but the time will come when the evilest dictator ever will dominate everything. In the years leading up to Christ’s return, the Satan-possessed anti-Christ will rise to power, and this AC will rule the whole world. Basically, Satan will take over planet Earth for a (brief) time.

Satan’s AC cannot rise to power, however, until the restrainer, the Holy Spirit, is taken out of the world. Christians, inside of whom the Holy Spirit dwells, must first be removed from Earth. The Bible puts it this way:

And you know what restrains him [Satan’s anti-Christ] now, so that he will be revealed in his time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains [the Holy Spirit, who in-dwells Christians] will do so until He is removed. –2 Thessalonians 6:6-7

The restrainer, the Holy Spirit, will be removed from the earth on the day Jesus takes Christians up to be with Him, in an event called the rapture (aka, the resurrection of the church). On that day, Jesus Himself will descend from heaven and catch up all Christians to meet Him in the air. Those who are dead will be raised to life and caught up first. Then, those who are alive will follow. All Christians will receive their resurrected bodies at this time (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

When Jesus catches up His Christians, the earth will be without us, our prayers, and most importantly—the restraining ministry of the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Spirit will continue to minister to the earth through the two witnesses and the tribulation saints, but His mission to restrain the AC will be complete on the day Christians are raptured.

On that day Jesus, who is currently seated at God’s right hand, will begin to transition from His position as our Heavenly High Priest to His role as Judge and King. Without the Holy Spirit, Christian prayers, and the intercession of Jesus as Heaven’s High Priest, the world will have nothing standing between it and God’s wrath.

At God’s command, the apocalypse will commence. Jesus will break the seals of judgment, and God will turn the world over to Satan, the master humankind has chosen for itself, having rejected God and His ways. God will unleash His wrath on the unbelieving world by giving Satan and His demons unrestrained freedom to do what they’ve always wanted to do to humans—plunge them into utter chaos and darkness.

Thank God that this time of world domination by Satan’s AC, Earth’s darkest hour, will only last for a time. Jesus will return, obliterate evil, and rule the world with light and truth.

Until the rapture, Christians must pray to the point of sweat and tears. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we must restrain evil for as long as possible so the good news of Jesus can reach the ends of the Earth, giving all humans, everywhere, a chance to accept Jesus as Savior. All humans can escape Hell, as well as, the terror that will befall the world following the rapture, should they live to see that day. All a human has to do is believe that Jesus saves us from our sins.

At this very moment, you can escape Hell and the coming wrath of God. You can sign on for the rapture. You can receive a resurrected body and eternal life with Christ. All you have to do is believe that Jesus came to earth, died on the cross to take away your sin, and that God raised him to life so that you too may be raised to life. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the Messiah. Believe and receive eternal life. Believe and escape the eternal fires of Hell. Believe and live with God in paradise for eternity!