The End Times

A Pastor Told Me Not to Proclaim Jesus at Church. The End Times Apostasy Is Here. Jesus Is Coming!

The current Jewish Calendar year is 5947, not 5783. There are only 53 years until 6000. Jesus is coming soon!

If Your Church Doesn’t Teach Prophecy, Study It on Your Own. No Excuses Before God. Time Is Running Out!

A Good Father Tells His Children How the World Will End.

Evangelism Training

How to Evangelize This Halloween and Any Time. The Whole Calendar Belongs to Jesus!

Tell the Truth About Hell. Someone Could Get Saved! Let’s Stop Softening God’s Words.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Make Peace With God Right Now! Believe in Jesus and Receive Forgiveness of Sins. Receive Eternal Life With God. Jesus Is Free to ANYONE. Just Believe

Unbelief Is the Root of All Our Problems and Sin. Believe in Jesus. Receive Peace With God and Eternal Life Today!


Homegrown Turmeric and Ginger from Groceries. Ginger Grew in Shade.

More videos coming soon.